"I have been pursuing music, writing, recording and traveling around the world leading worship for the last 15 years with Starfield.  My brother and I started the band 15 years ago now, just after I had graduated High School.  In fact, the truth is that we were both College/University drop-outs.  We left our education on a permanent hold to pursue what we felt like God was calling us to. (I don’t advise this to most people, but for us it made sense)  7 Albums and 15 years later, we sense the winds of change blowing again, except this time in a different/separate direction. 

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     I have a wife (Jesse), and 2 young boys (Hudson -4-, and Flynn -1-).  So with the responsibilities of a family come obvious changes in the way you make decisions for yourself, and most importantly for your family.  My wife and I had been praying for some time about what’s next for us, and we felt like being invested in a community of believers, and getting a chance to Lead worship on a regular basis as well as invest in the lives of younger musicians and leaders was where God was calling us next. To be invested in the Local Church.  But where?  After a lot of conversations on the phone with a lot of really great churches and leadership, I realized that I wasn’t ready to jump into anything full time.  I still had songs to write, and albums to record.   So I ended up joining the leadership team at a Church Called “Sunset: A Jesus Church” in Portland, Oregon as a Half-time worship leader.  We picked up everything and moved 2,000 miles across the country from Nashville.  So, to make a long story short, we’ve been here for a year, and it’s been an amazing season of growing and learning for us.  For me, it meant having a safe place to find my voice again (figuratively, and literally), and to be affirmed as a worship leader.  In the mean time, I have been writing and recording with our now legendary Starfield producer “Allen Salmon”.  At least, I think he’s a legend :) (Maybe just his beard is Legendary…)  ALSO, I’ve spend 2 weekends a month traveling around North America singing some new songs, and some old songs with worship teams.  I also get the chance to share about “Food for the Hungry”, which is something I’m really passionate about.  I wave the flag for Child Sponsorship, and their global mission to end poverty one child at a time by creating sustainable communities in the poorest most vulnerable, most impoverished areas of the world.  So, that’s where I am at.

     This album is a compilation of the last 2 years….Learning to give and receive the Love of God in a new way…Or maybe it’s just something I need to re-learn.  I am accepted, I am redeemed, and ultimately I am free.  Free to live without condemnation or guilt, with a passion for compassion, and justice on this Earth.  I hope these songs are a reflection of that, and also a reflection of what it has meant for me to be connected to a local church…Something that I think I’ve really missed over the last decade.  Being a “professional Christian” can leave you burned out, and disconnected.  I’m grateful to the community I’m in, and to Jesus for stripping away those layers of “burnout”, and bringing me back to him.  Like a child…with Awe and Wonder at his Beauty.   That is at least my prayer, my constant prayer.  Not something you ever really “Arrive” at I suppose.  But I feel as though I am able to exhale again…to find peace, and gratitude and Joy in just being a Child of God. I am learning the beauty and power of Surrender, and submission to the Holy Spirit.  

     My prayer is that these songs lift up hearts in Sorrow, and bring Light to tired souls buried in the busyness of life.  It’s a pretty happy album overall.  Not necessarily what I intended.  I think my bent is to write slow, moody, brooding, existential music. Lamenting over the tension between, Joy and sadness, Freedom and Fear….I think this album ended up focussing more on the good.  So for me, it was kind of a breath of fresh air.  I am trying to learn to be thankful, as we all should be, for the simplest, most basic things in life.  The breath in our lungs, food on the table, shelter, health…All things I take for granted. But beyond the physical things, our response to simply being given the gift of life, is to turn back to God and say “thanks” no matter what our current situation is.  Good or Bad.   I hope these songs are a reflection of that….a melody, a lyric, an emotion, that points to the Goodness of God and His unfailing Love."